Alternative Programs

Pledged Asset Loan (PAL), Cash Alternative Program (CAP) and Cross Collateral Program (CCL)

Elite Financial International goes beyond presenting only conventional marine, aircraft and RV loan choices. We give our clients additional options by offering PAL, CAP, and CCL programs. For further information concerning any of our alternative lending programs, please contact us at

  • Minimum loan amount $25K
  • No Required Down payment
  • No Financials required
  • Open To Citizens of any Country*
  • Interest Only Programs
  • Low-Interest Rates competitive with or lower than, Conventional Marine Loans
  • The client decides on the length of the loan term
  • High loan-to-value ratio
  • No Pre-payment Penalties
  • No age look back the requirement for Yachts
  • No reference listing requirement
  • No value stipulation
  • No restrictions as to the type or use of vessel (liveaboards, high performance, commercial use)
  • No restrictions on the number of PAL and/or CAP loans active at any given time
  • No restriction on the use of loan proceeds (legal purposes ONLY)

*Applicants excluded from participating in the PAL, CAP or CCL  programs are citizens of any Country identified by the Government of the United States, as a sponsor of terrorism. Please go to Office of Foreign Assets for a listing of prohibited Countries.