Looking for answers? Elite Financial International answers the most common questions asked over our 29+ year history.

Q: Why would I finance if I have the money to buy it for cash?
A: Many people feel that cash is the better option, however, there are so many more benefits when financing. Most importantly a boat is a depreciating asset, therefore; as with all depreciating assets, the basics of economic principle will apply.

Q: How quickly can a Boat Loan APR change?
A: Interest rates on boat loans are directly affected by the cost of federal funds and Libor. Interest rates are set by the lending institution, not by Elite Financial International.

Q: Does my monthly payment include my insurance?
A: No. Your monthly payment is comprised of principle and interest. Insurance payments are made directly to your insurance company.

Q: Does Elite only finance new boats?
A: No. Elite Financial International can finance new and used boats, new construction as well as refinancing and cash outs in certain situations

Q: How competitive are Elite Financial’s rates?
A: Elite Financial International offers competitive, fixed and adjustable interest rates for all your boating needs. See our convenient rate table for the latest rates and terms. We encourage you to use our boat loan calculator to determine what your monthly payment range may be.

Q: Can we obtain financing for non-US Citizens?
A: Elite Financial International can offer financing for Non-US Citizens. Certain requirements must be made, therefore please call for all non-us inquiries.

For all other questions, please give us a call at 954-537-7775 or 561-699-4197